September 3, 2010

Making Sausage

Ok our first blog and it is Friday.  The blog is Sunday Pizza?  What up?  Well, five years ago we chose to move to Seattle from Chicago.  Why?  It is beautiful and there is so much to do here.  Alas, we discovered quickly we traded pizza for scenery.  It was then that the quest for the perfect Chicago style pizza began.

Since then we have honed our sauce, kneaded our dough, and are well on our way to making phenomenal Chicago style pizza... if we do say so ourselves.  Disclaimer:  this is NOT deep dish or stuffed pizza.  You know the kind that take at least an hour to be served!  No, not that kind.  This is hand tossed with an amazing not too sweet, not too spicy sauce pure Chicago.  Our inspirations, Chicago Dough Company, Papa Passero's, Oven Grinders, Barone's, Roundheads, and Palermos.  We are definitely leaving some out but there are too many to list from a lifetime of amazing Chicago pizza.  We miss having at least one pizza joint per day per week within a stone's throw.  In honor of the pizza we love and the family we miss we make pizza.

So, fast-forward to April 2010 we decided we wanted to make pizza regularly to allow more time to perfect and tweak our recipes.  Many batches of sauce and dough later we have kept to our Sunday Pizza experience.  Which leads us to today, making sausage.  The key topping to Chicago pizza is killer sweet sausage.  Sorry, this isn't a vegetarian site, although we definitely dig veggie pizza!  Last week we decided it was time to venture into sausage making.  We found a Sweet Italian Sausage recipe and bought a meat grinder attachment for our kitchen-aid and tonight away we went.

The changes we made to it were adding oregano and using apple cider vinegar instead of Sherry wine vinegar (cuz we couldn't find it).  Verdict:  Great sausage.  Can't wait to try it on our actual pizza Sunday.  Ok truth... this weekend is a long weekend so we will make pizza Monday cuz it will feel like Sunday.
Stay tuned.

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