September 21, 2010

Hold the onions

The only thing to report is that this Sunday we made our pizza without onions.  weee how exciting?  Lame.  We decided it still tasted yummy.  I owe some pictures in a big hurry to get you salivating.

My dad was in town last weekend from Thursday through Sunday morning.  He didn't get to partake in our piping hot Za.  In fact, it was just the three of us so we had an entire extra pizza for leftovers (now nearly gone).

This weekend is my niece's birthday and we are meeting everyone at Tutta Bella, a local favorite.  It is Napolitano style pizza and definitely delicious.  That said, I usually leave hungry cuz it isn't super filling.  You can take the girl out of the midwest but you can't take the midwest out of the girl!

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  1. Tutta Bella's is great pizza. It always brings me back to Italy. Here is a link