September 7, 2010

hmm Something Ain't Right...

Ok so Friday we made homemade sausage and froze it.  Saturday morning C made pizza sauce and... froze it.  Monday C made dough in the afternoon and let it rise.  Monday night we made two pizzas and gotta say something was not quite right about the first one.  We just packed up the second one for leftovers.

First off, normally we slice the pizza into square pieces.  This time C cut it into wedges which I actually prefer.  My first piece was ok but I realized it didn't taste quite right.  No way can it be the way we've cut the pieces.  Strange huh?

Then my second piece was totally thick crust instead of thin crust.  What up?  Somehow our dough pulled out uneven.  Lame.  Thick crust overpowers all the toppings.  So I had to try a third to make sure I wasn't crazy.  :) Turned out the third piece wasn't as thick but still not quite right.  Naturally, it had to be the sausage.  It is the only change we made.  The thing is we make vegetarian pizzas all the time and they taste just as yummy.  So we reasoned the sausage wasn't strong enough in flavor to take on our sauce but the pizza should taste closer to our veggie pizza.  No, something was amiss.

Finally, today C and I were emailing back and forth about it cuz we both had a some of the second pizza for lunch.  This time, cut into squares - irrelevant but still.  Crust was thin like is should be and it definitely tasted better.  Then C mentioned something about the mushroom or cheese or something.  (btw - we topped both pizzas with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni, and sweet sausage.  Go big or go home!)  That's it!  We changed the cheese to Tillamook Mozzarella from the cheese we normally use.  We switched because it is local.  Not sure what to do.  It is much saltier which really made a difference.  Not sure what was up with the crust.  Oh well, first tough batch of pizza in a LONG time.  live and learn.  

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