August 23, 2011

Chicago Trip: 08.2011

We just got back from another fun filled trip to Chicago.  C's brother, Ted, got hitched to Liliana!  Nothing like a summer wedding!  I was a little nervous about August weather in Chicago but most of the days were just lovely. The day of the wedding we were treated with a morning thunderstorm (a rarity in Seattle).   Luckily, the rain gave way to a beautiful afternoon and evening!

Z LOVES to fly!  He does better than me.  He gets to watch all the Diego and Curious George he wants.  The flight attendants always give him juice and cookies.  This trip he got to look out the window and see all the cool stuff since there were hardly any clouds the entire flight.

The second the bird landed the little man fell fast asleep in my arms.  Awe.

The first full day was busy.  First, we went to see Papa Ed at the race track.  He had a blast!

Next, we drove to the north burbs to have lunch with my grandma and Aunt Sandy at the amazing Zodiac Room.  mmm popovers with strawberry butter.  Z was a champ and napped in the car.  Good man!  After lunch we headed to the lego store.

Another day my cousin, Rachel, and her son, Sam, came down from Milwaukee.  I've seen her nearly every visit to Chicago but with tons of other family members present.  We had a great time slowing down and catching up.  Sam turned out to be an expert stroller pusher!  Way to go!

The next days were strictly wedding related.  C, his brothers, and the best man (soon-to-be brother-in-law, Jeremiah) had the Bachelor Party.  While they were out for that I went with my sister-in-laws for a MUCH needed mani/pedi.  That was a trip!  We all ended up at the same place for dinner/drinks and then ended the night back at C's parent's house.  I am amazed to say I stayed up until 2:30am!  Been a long time since I've done that!  I think the time change made me look a lot cooler than I really am.

Then there was the rehearsal dinner and, of course, the big wedding day!!!  I only have two pictures from the day.  One of the happy newlyweds and one of how cute Z looked in the outfit Grandma picked out for him.  Thanks!!!

Our last full day in Chicago we BBQd with C's sibs and cousins Julie, Tim, and their two daughters Olivia and Rose.  Um I wanted to bring Olivia home with us!  She's not only cute but Z LOVES her and ran around the house playing with her for hours!

After dinner the kids made playdough and then played with it.  Perfect end to an awesome visit!

Z slept the first two hours of the four hour flight home!  My hero!  Then he woke up with big salty tears streaming down his cheeks screaming that he missed Bubbe!  So sad!  We felt the same way... Too bad we can't fit her in our suitcase.

This time we were able to see a forest fire!  Yikes!!


  1. Wow! Liliana and Ted make such a handsome couple. She looked so pretty in her wedding dress! Zeke looked snazzy in his outfit, too, and I bet he was a lot more comfortable in his outfit than Uncle Ted was in his!I am so glad that Zeke is turning out to be such a great little flier--he has had plenty of practice this year! I just wish I could have been there to see it all!

    Bubbie Frannie

  2. Thanks for the fun narrative of your trip to Chicago/Lagrange.