June 11, 2011

New and Exciting Recipe Index!

I was talking with my friend and colleague, Bakhos, the other day.  He asked me if I posted recipes and two things occurred to me

1)  Clearly Bakhos just started following my blog since I haven't posted a recipe in awhile but usually totally post recipes.

2) I need a recipe index!

I will admit, at first I hesitated starting this task.  It turned to be extremely gratifying to see all the recipes I've posted in 10 months.  Plus, I loved seeing the evolution of my posts and revisit favorite recipes of mine.

Lately, I have been cooking but not well-documenting.  My beloved camera is in the shop. Sniff sniff.  It should be ready any day but has been several weeks if you can believe it. Yes, you're right, I should call to find out what's taking so long first thing Monday.

Looking for that one recipe you saw last month?  Check out my new and exciting Recipe Index!  Thanks for the inspiration Bakhos!


1 comment:

  1. NTS. Not too shabby. And this is just the start.