January 10, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 01.09.2011

It was a whirlwind week and weekend.  My dad got into town and his new condo then my sister had a baby, Kate!  Exciting!

Sunday pizza was with the regulars Mom, Dad, Emily, Pete, and Elliott.  E and Z are in school together and they act like brothers.  It is awesome cuz 90% of the time they entertain each other.  Then there's that 10% of the time when they fight like brothers.  Part of growing up.

In this week's episode both boys really showed off their skills in pizza making.  I have lots of pictures this time... hope you don't mind.
Both looking at the camera.  Next time, smile :)

Nice pounding technique

Xtra Cheese Please

Is Domino's hiring?

Oven ready
I learned a new term Sunday, "Plate me!"  Yes!  It is used when a person, such as Pete, takes a bite of piping hot, just out of the oven pizza and realizes 450 degree pizza sauce is really friggin hot and needs a plate to throw his pizza onto!  I was laughing like you wouldn't believe, but not so hard that I couldn't grab the camera and snap him scalding himself.  Luckily, he's a good sport and smiled for the camera. Nice work, Pete.  About an hour later I asked if he wanted some Aloe. [As if I actually know where that is in the house.]

Being silly. Yes, the pizza is on the table...
After dinner Z and E played like no one else were around.  First, they played behind our ginormous bean bag.  Then they decided it was coloring time.  We all just watched them move from one thing to the next and chatted merrily.

Looks like they're both righty
After everyone but my dad left we had a sweet moment where Z asked him to read a book to him before bed.  I melt.  There are lots of special moments in your life and this was one of them.  Dad, I'm glad you have a home out here and can't wait for J-Mo to come out too.


Any ideas for next Sunday Pizza?  I'm stumped?  Here are some thoughts... Something fun with the dough like wheat or blue corn.  Deep Dish.  Super thin crust.  Special ingredients.

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  1. And Grandpa enjoyed telling the story using silly voices for the characters.