January 6, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 01.02.2011

The royal STUFF!
Welcome to 2011!  All futuristic sounding huh?  So far so good, my sis had a baby and my dad just bought a condo out here (can I get a woop woop!?)  Should be a great year - I can feel it!

Our first Sunday pizza of the year totally rocked!  [Am I dating myself using totally and rocked? Probably. Dude.]  My friend, Andrea, and her fam came over for pizza.  What's so cool about Andrea?  Well, she's my friend from college.  That's right, we be kickin' it old school like!
Great "cheese"!
Ya right.  By my calculations all four adults total probably consumed LESS bevie than one of us did any given night out in college.  ahh, college... no rules, no responsibilities, no one waking you up at 6:30 am with a dirty diaper.  Good times.

B has a foot on Z at least! Impressive.
That said, we had a fab time.  Andrea only lives 15 minutes away and sadly this is the first time we've gotten our act together to hang out.  It was like old times and it felt like we just picked up where we left off.  Love when that happens.
Brendan performating the dough

The guest pizza maker is Brendan.  He's an adorable 3.5 year old and has a foot on Z as you can see in the pix.  Z was kind of intimidated I think.  The whole night Z wanted, "UP!" and was happy to watch Brendan play.  Cute.  In the end he warmed up and they were starting to kind of play together.

Z's new phrase is "No Touch" when he wants to do something without help.  The last picture shows him saying "No Touch" and pushing my hands away.  Classic.

Make a pizza this year!  Tell me all about it.  Better yet, come on over and have some Sunday pizza!


  1. Wish we could come over and have pizza with your family! It looks like so much fun!!