January 23, 2012

Sunday Pizza: 01.14.2012

"Brothers don't shake hands!  Brothers gotta HUG!"  That guy in the picture up there isn't C with hair, clean jeans, and a tan.  Nope that's his nearly twin brother, Ed!  Look familiar?  Ah yes, because Ed and his wife, Katherine, were on the pizza bench in June.

We are just busting because... drum roll please... They.  Are.  Moving.  HERE!!!  Can I get a Woop Woop!!  I never ever dreamed this would happen but it is!  Woo Hoo!  (side note - they have NO idea what they just signed on for!)

It has been a whirlwind time for them and we get to kick back and wait like kids on Christmas Eve patiently for them to hurry on up and get here.  They move here early February.  What?  That's in two weeks!

So they were here for a long weekend MLK Jr. weekend to look for a place to live.  We tried to stay out of their way.  We did sneak in some pizza making on the Saturday!

Z-Man made a pizza with Uncle Ed!  It was really sweet.  Z was showing his uncle what's what.  They discussed the finer points of rolling out the dough and perforating it so it doesn't bubble.

Mostly, Z-Man wanted to eat the sauce and cheese.  C kept him focused.  Pineapple is his topping of choice but more of it makes it into his mouth than on his pizza.

If you could make your own pizza what topping would you go extra on?  Sauce, cheese, a topping?  All? Uncle Ed, we found out loves sauce.  Go big or go home I say! 

One last note - Uncle Ed took a job with University of Washington, Tacoma.  Time to embrace the purple and let go of your love of red.  Go Huskies! 


  1. That's great news about Ed! Is everyone moving to Washington?

    1. @AuntSusan - YES! Those ideal temp runs you not-so-often talk about exist all the time here in Seattle. Your shoes just might be a little more soggy :)