January 26, 2015

The kid's funny!

This weekend Z and I went to the local toy store to get birthday presents for two of his buddies.  In the store they had one of these indoor pogo stick toys out for kids to try.  He hopped around the entire store the whole time we were there.  This is one of those cutesy shops where they wrap the gifts for you.  So dreamy!  Ok I'm going to stand here and let my kid destroy your store while you wrap my presents... Thanks... yes you have a nice day too :)  Fortunately, the pogo stick thingy kept him from destroying the store this time.

Shout out to Snapdoodle Toy Store

Toy online

Z is a crazy kid.  I've met kids that are mellow and ease into activities, they admit when they are tired, they settle in with a toy for hours on end.  Not Z.  He's high energy with two modes: crazy and asleep.  That's it.  Unless the TV is on.

So naturally we bought this awesome toy!  He's boinging all over the house and having a blast.  Bubbe comes over to watch him Saturday night.  Thanks Bubbe!  Z is bouncing every which way and says, "Bubbe, you want to try it?  It has a 250 lb weight limit so you can."  She quickly replies no thanks.  He says, "well, how much do you weigh"  Pause.  I say, "Z it is an unwritten rule that we don't ask women what they weigh.  It isn't nice. You can ask men what they weigh.  Men don't mind telling you."  He bounces a couple times and replies, "Ok, I'll ask Daddy what Bubbe weighs!"  and bounces off.  The kid's funny!

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