May 8, 2012

Life Happens

April 29th was my sister, AKA the Queen's, 40th birthday.  Her hubby, Kickball Ken, threw her a somewhat surprise birthday bbq party.  I say somewhat surprise because she knew there was going to be a birthday bbq but only thought family was coming.  He surprised her by inviting all her friends.  Very sweet!

One of our friends, David, was in attendance.  I asked how he was doing and he gave me a quick catch me up.  He then said, "I know you've been super busy!"  I opened my mouth and took a deep breath about to launch into my try-to-be-quick-but-never-am catch him up when he says, "I know this because you haven't blogged in months and you aren't on Facebook anymore."  Well, there you have it.

So what happened?  Really, I'm not sure.  I guess life happened.  Like most things in life some things have been good and some things have been not so good.  Then there's getting back into the swing of things and forgetting to make time for favorite past times like blogging.

You know how you don't talk to a good friend for a couple weeks and then it slips into a couple months to maybe even a whole year?  Then you realize gee I haven't talked with so-and-so in ages!  What would I say? There's so much that's happened.  Yet at the same time, nothing.  Yes, so I have been feeling this way about writing again.  What to say?  Where to start?  What's important?

I started making a list.  I hope to get to writing about some of the things on it.  I've been cooking some wonderful things and thinking a picture would be in order.  Yet I don't find my way to the camera.  More often than not I don't even think to get the camera.  Maybe that's the problem.  Could it be writer's block?  I'm certainly having no trouble now.  Well, ok you got me.  Now I'm just rambling.

Here are the highlights of my life since Feb 28, my last post.

Z-Man turned THREE!  All Grandparents were in town for what the Queen calls "Prom in March for Z".  I'm sure she means it affectionately right?

My dad, the Dude, got double pneumonia complete with a collapsed lung and needed pretty much emergency surgery.  He was in Flagstaff when it all came to a head so the Queen and I went there to be with him and J-Mo.  We were so glad we did and were incredibly thankful our husbands stepped up to the plate as Mr Moms.  Love you guys!

He's doing much better (yesterday he rated himself feeling at 85%) but believe me when I tell you it was the scariest week to date in my life.  I'm pretty sure Dad can say the same.  Lesson learned:  if you're over 65 get your pneumonia vaccine!  Don't mess around.

I have a whole new appreciation for travel.  Everyone kept asking us if we were going to Flag for business or pleasure.  Um neither.  I just sat on the plane to Phoenix with my eyes closed and let tears stream down my face.  Dad and J-Mo said to "Enjoy the beautiful drive to Flagstaff".  I know I saw a cactus and it was uphill and long.  What I told my dad once home was Arizona is a lot prettier when I know my dad is ok.  The drive to the airport was lovely!

My sister-in-law, Marcy, visited for a long weekend.  That was super duper.  Sadly, it was days after I returned from Flag and I was still fighting a stress-induced nasty cold/depression.  I just wasn't myself.  Recently, C, his bro, Ed, and my sis all had birthdays. Loving the family times!

Since Flagstaff and Marcy's visit I've been playing pretend everything is normal until it does.  You know, fake it til you make it.  Luckily, I made it and a week or so ago finally felt back to my normal self.  I've got lots to tell you about.  Remember, I have a list.

What have you been up to the last 2.5 months?    Do tell!


  1. Frankly, Lisa, I was too sick, too in-pain, and too drugged to be scared. I guess I abdicated being scared to you, Becky, and Jeni. Sorry. It was a wonderful morale boost that you and Becky made the schlep up to Flagstaff to be with me. I'm too am getting back to normal, going more and more without the O2. I'm able to walk about an hour in the woods, and I hope soon I won't have a 10-pound O2 tank on my back. Thanks for being there for me. Love you.

  2. We wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. Next time let's all just go for fun :)

    I'm glad you're ok. Love you!