November 9, 2011

Saturday Pizza: 11.05.2011

The usual Sunday pizza is, well, on Sunday.  We definitely have a routine by now.  People over around 5, kids make their pizzas, C makes pizzas for the adults while the kiddy pizzas bake.  We usually are saying goodbye to the visiting family(ies) around 8 or 8:30 at the latest.  We're like a well oiled machine!

Enter Saturday pizza!  No routine.  No bedtime.  No rules.  Throw in the time change, Oh Yeah! Pictured above are my best buds from work (from left Burke and Ben).  Saturday they came over for tons of pizza, wine, and fun with their partners Sara and Terry.  WAY FUN!!  I don't know what hurt my stomach more, pigging out on pizza or laughing so hard.   I was a little puffy headed Sunday but it was totally worth it!

These two make the toughest days at work better and the easy/slow days at work faster.  Usually we pass the time by making coffee runs to the Tullys in our building.  Sometimes we're wild and crazy and walk all the way to the Starbucks also in our building but a little further.  Yes, we have a Tullys and a Starbucks in our building.  Oh and the building kitty corner to us boasts THREE Starbucks.  We love our coffee, no doubt.

Burke and Sara have a five year old son Maier.  Z and Maier were pretty much playing together from the get go.  No warming up to each other whatsoever!  Bonus!  They built towers of giant blocks and played trains and then just chased each other around the house.  The sweetest moment was catching Burke reading to Z and Maier.  Awe.

The boys ran around and played and left us adults pretty much alone to hang out and laugh together.  Z stayed up WAY past his normal bedtime.  In the end Ben and Z were playing with the trains and every time the train fell off the track he would cry.  Z that is :)  Yep time for bed.

I really hope they come over for pizza again soon!  I could stand to laugh that hard more often.


  1. Boy, that pizza looked good! You are so lucky to have friends and work buddies that can make you laugh so hard--really the best medicine!!

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